Air Conditioning Repair or Installation

Replacing your air conditioning or installing a heat pump is a significant investment. Let SUPERKOOL Refridgeration Services help you determine the right time to replace it. Your new system should fit both your needs and budget.

Why should you consider replacing your air conditioner or heat pump?

Your current system is getting old. If your air conditioner or heat pump is more than 10 years old or your furnace is more than 15 years old, those units are reaching the end of their life cycle. The time to consider purchasing a replacement is just around the corner.

Repairs are becoming frequent or costly. When your system requires regular repairs or requires a major repair approaching 50% or more of the cost of a replacement, your money would be better spent replacing the unit altogether.

Your energy bills are going up.  Increasing energy bills indicate that your system is not functioning properly and may be reaching the end of its life cycle. A full system inspection can diagnose the problem and help you determine if your system needs to be replaced.

Your humidity levels are out of balance. Exceptionally dry air in the winter or overly humid air in the summer indicates failing or inadequate equipment or leaky ductwork.

Your air quality is becoming poor. Increasing dust or air quality issues indicate leaky ductwork or failing equipment.

Your air conditioner uses R-22. If your air conditioner utilizes the refrigerant R-22 and has developed a leak, your best option is likely to replace it. R-22 is being phased out due to federal regulations. Consequently, its prices are soaring as it becomes more and more scarce. Consider replacing it with a unit that runs on the more environmentally sound refrigerant R-410A.

Your warranty has expired. Once your warranty has expired, you will be 100% on the hook for any and all necessary repairs. At this point, replacement might be a better option than completing significant repairs.


What are the benefits of a new Day & Night system?

Save money on your energy bill. A new air conditioning unit will be significantly more efficient, providing significant savings on your energy bill.

Feel more comfortable in your home. A new day and night system will deliver more consistent temperatures and improved air quality throughout your home.

Experience peace and quiet. Newer heating and cooling systems operate much quieter than older ones. Quiet operation ensures home comfort is felt, not heard.


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